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23rd April 17

Welcome to St. Clare's Catholic Primary School


    Parental Questionnaire 2017


    We value your opinions as parents of pupils attending our school and would be grateful if you could take the time to complete this short questionnaire. If you have more than one child then please complete one per family.

    Please find the time to complete our annual parental questionnaire.



    Blackburn Music Festival


    What a great evening, the children really did raise the roof and enjoyed taking part in the Sing Together Schools Concert at King Georges Hall in Blackburn.


    Well done children in Year 3 and Year 4, you really did our school proud with your musical talents.

    Having Fun at Borwick Hall


    Fond farewell for Fr Loughran and Fr Darren


    What an end of the term.  It was lovely to celebrate a Mass of thanks with Fr Loughran and Fr Darren.  Fr Loughran talked about how important it is to give thanks, just like Hannah for the birth of her son Samuel.  We are just the same in giving thanks for the special memories we have made with Fr Loughran and Fr Darren.

    We wish you all the very best for the future.

    Sleep over


    What a great time we spent together this evening.  Fr Darren met us in church we prayed for others and it was really lovely and peacful.  Then we came back to school and held a late night quiz thanks to Niamh and Alice in Y6.  The talent show was next and everyone was a 'star'!  We finally finished with a movie and then some sleep!

    Great memories as we help our friends in Hodovo.

    Ofsted |
    Ofsted :  file (689.2k)

    Mrs. Kenyon enjoyed her day with us yesterday and asked me to thank-you for finding the time to talk to her about our school.

    The outcome will be shared with you in due course so watch this space.

    Success! : Adobe Acrobat file (203.7k)

    Our children are to be congratulated on the KS 2 results this time.


    Well done to the children and the staff who supported the learning on their journey through school.

    End of a Successful Year

    Once again, our Year 6 children as a whole group have exceeded the school targets set for them, with the majority of children achieving the expected standard for the year group; with some working at a greater depth. We are incredibly proud of them all. Watching them continue to support the school demonstrates just how far they've travelled. They have all given their absolute best and as we always tell them; their best is always good enough. It has been a delight to have seen the children enjoy taking part in a wide variety of wonderful opportunities throughout the year. The children have gone from strength to strength. Seeing them perform on the stage at the Guild Hall, compete and win in many sports activities and bringing home the Maths Trophy has been a pleasure. With our increased involvement we have just been awarded our Silver Sports Award. Well done everyone. This has been a very busy and successful year and one we should all be proud of. May I take this opportunity to thank staff, on your behalf, for all their hard work throughout the year. Enjoy the Summer and see you all on the 5th September.

    Run for your team

    On Tuesday we had our run for your team day and it worked a treat. So far we have raised £127.58 and had lots of fun. Congratulations to Plessington who won and to Daniel Maguire for being the fastest. It was close as there was a 14 minute difference between 1st and last. Rigby 218.34 minutes Haydock 230.07 minutes Plessington 215.59 minutes Southworth 217.66 minutes

    The Big Bike Ride

    Once again it was ‘pedal power’ as cyclists from St. Clare’s took to the track at UCLAN arena to help raise funds for World Youth Day and Hodovo. For two hours the wheels kept turning and the miles kept looming. Thank you parents, grandparents, teachers and children for supporting this popular event and making the morning so much fun. So far, £353 has been raised. Thank you.

    The Wind in the Willows

    Time was ticking. Seconds felt like hours. Hours felt like days. We were putting all our efforts in to the summer production! The SATS were finally over. Mr Parkinson made us guess which summer production we were going to do: Matilda, The Lion King, Jungle Book and many more. Days passed, and then finally it was revealed. ‘The Wind in the Willows’ From that day, preparations were made. Auditions were being held. Props were being created by hand. Costumes were being put together by parents. Scripts were being read day after day after day. Our voices raised the hall roof. The music was unforgettable. The time flew like a breeze through the willows. After many rehearsals, the day finally arrived. It was the 12th of July 2016. The day we were waiting for. The day of the play. Hearts were racing, hands were shaking, and nerves were breaking. The opening song was about to be sung to the general public. Mouths opened, voices were about to sing… the audience listened. Slowly they put their hands together and clapped .The applause gradually increased and became a mass of cheers, whistles and claps as we ended our fabulous performance! What a great way to end our year! Thank you Mr Parkinson and Miss Quinn for all your help, not forgetting Mrs Calman who came into play the piano! Written by Chikoo, Elizabeth and Thomas C

    Year 6 visit to Stoneyhurst

    Year 6 had a special invitation to ‘The Stoneyhurst Somme Conference’. What a great day we had! We started the day in the magnificent ‘Academy Room’ before heading off to various workshops. Our children made salve for trench foot in the chemistry laboratory, exploding rockets in the gymnasium and handled various artefacts from the ‘Imperial War Museum’. We were then honoured to have guest speakers who are at the top of their field who gave us a deep insight into the course of the ‘Battle of the Somme’, its importance and its impact. We finished the day spending time in the College Chapel before heading home. We were extremely proud of the knowledge, maturity and behaviour that our children showed throughout the day. Well done Year 6!

    May Procession

    Wow a glorious afternoon we had! Children, staff, parents and parishioners processed from school over to church to honour Our Lady. The sun shone pleasantly and the scent of the children's flowers filled the air, as the hymns to Mary, Our Mother, were sung. In church, the children laid flowers around Mary's statue and a delicate crown of flowers was placed on her head. The congregation prayed to Our Lady and asked for her intercession. All present were then blessed during Benediction. Many thanks to Mrs Charnley for leading the hymns and to all our parents who sent such beautiful flowers into school. The flowers are to be delivered to people in the parish. Thank you

    Pupil Pipeline

    Thank you we raised £285.00 for water aid.

    Maunday Thursday Prayer and Liturgy

    Our fantastic R.E. week ended with Prayer and Liturgy led by Year 6. Children from across the school used their hands to lead us in prayer. Class 5 shared the Gospel reading with a drama and Year 6 ended our Prayer and Liturgy with a very powerful mime. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and parishioners who joined us.

    Life without Levels Meeting

    Thank you to those who came along to the meeting to see how things are changing in the way we are assessing children in school. The slides are there for those of you who could not come.

    Exciting times await Mrs Brennan

    St Clare's said goodbye to Mrs Brennan as she leaves to await the arrival of her baby. We will all miss her and wish her every happiness for the future. The children presented Mrs Brennan with flowers and a baby manual containing advice from them for her and Mr Brennan on how to care for their expected arrival.

    Ash Wednesday Mass - Wednesday 10th February 2016

    The children gathered in church this morning to mark the beginning of Lent, alongside parents and members of the parish. Father Loughran talked to the children about the opportunity Lent provides to pray more, fast and give alms to those less fortunate. He reminded them that the ashes placed on our foreheads are an outward sign of penitence and show we are embarking on a journey to become more like Christ. In the absence of our Year 6 pupils, who are currently on a residential visit, Class 7 led the bidding prayers and readings. Mrs Charley played her guitar and inspired the children to sing with enthusiasm. Later in the day, Fr. Loughran made the journey to Borwick Hall in Carnforth to deliver ashes to our Year 6 children.

    Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 9th February 2016

    The day began with a whole school assembly led by Mrs. Martin and the School Council. The pupils were encouraged to consider both the positive impact the Internet has on their lives and also the possible risks involved when online. The children were presented with several scenarios and discussed appropriate ways to manage dilemmas and overcome difficulties they may find when using the Internet. Back in class, every child was asked to 'post' one positive comment about another member of their class on a heart-shaped board for all to see. Further activities took place throughout the day. Children in Class 6 for example produced some very informative booklets about using the Internet safely.

    Our Year 6 children have arrived at Borwick Hall - Monday 8th February 2016

    This afternoon marked the start of a fun-packed week for our pupils in Year 6. Throughout their residential stay they will be challenged and rewarded with a busy schedule which includes canoeing, climbing, orienteering, night walks, survival skills and problem solving. Their team work will be put to the test and celebrated as they face physical and mental challenges together. We know it will be such an enjoyable and memorable time in which new skills and abilities will be discovered and encouraged. Keep warm, eat heartily and keep us posted! Wish we were there too!!

    Girls' Football Tournament - Tuesday 26th January 2016

    Seven of our Year 6 girls took part in a football tournament at Play Football this afternoon. Twenty local schools participated in the event, with our team playing four matches. Poppy and Anna scored for St. Clare's, with Maria making some important saves. It finished with an exciting penalty shoot out between Eldon Primary School and ourselves. "We had a good experience in the girls' 6-aside football competition at Play Football. We improved with each match as everyone got stuck in and participated to their full potential. It was a great experience and we all had a fantastic time!" explained Anna, Poppy, Emma, Marina, Erin, Amena and Maria. Well done girls!

    Epiphany Mass - Wednesday 6th January 2016

    This morning, the school and parish communities joined together to celebrate Epiphany. Fr. Loughran spoke with the children about the star that led the three wise men to the baby Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. He spoke about the symbolism of their three gifts: gold to show that this baby was indeed a king; frankincense in recognition that Jesus was not simply an earthly king but he was a truly divine king; frankincense symbolises God Himself and finally myrrh, which was used to anoint the dead, signified the suffering and death Jesus would one day endure. Fr. Loughran explained that the best gift we can give is to become like the star of Bethlehem ourselves and lead people to God through loving one another and treating our neighbour with kindness and respect. Today's Mass was our first with our new head teacher, Mrs Charnley, and the children sang beautifully for her as she accompanied them on the guitar. We are delighted to welcome Mrs Charnley into the family of St. Clare's.

    Mr Purcell's Leaving Assembly - Friday 18th December 2015

    Mr Purcell has been an inspirational head teacher for over 14 years at St. Clare's. Understandably, therefore, his last day with us was filled with mixed emotions as we celebrated his successes with us, wished him well in his new advisory role and passed on our heartfelt farewells. We gathered together for a celebratory assembly this morning, led by our new deputy head, Miss Scott. The hall was full to capacity with pupils, parents, governors and staff both old and new. Despite the emotion of the occasion, the assembly struck a good balance between light hearted humour and genuine warmth and gratitude. After an opening prayer, Mr Purcell was invited (and readily accepted) to play our own version of 'Who wants to be a Millionaire?' in which the questions seemed to have a common theme...the life and times of Mr Purcell! With some help from the audience, he steadily moved through the questions regarding favourite football teams, chocolates and school subjects to name a few. After each correct question, a class rewarded his efforts with a 'Head teacher's Award' certificate for a quality the children had recognised and valued in Mr Purcell. Class 6 gave their award for 'Cheerfulness' whereas Class 1 appreciated him as a 'Good Listener'. Of course, Mr Purcell reached the jackpot and received an extra large chocolate coin! Next, each class presented him with a class card and some of the junior classes had complied books of memories about their primary head teacher. Mr Purcell was further presented with a large cross that was covered with illustrations drawn by children from every class. Miss Scott then shared a selection of quotations she had collected from children in school about Mr Purcell; these demonstrated the positive and long lasting effects he has had on so many young lives. Mr Purcell later received gifts from the staff and Mrs Richards gave him a gift on behalf of St Clare's PTFA. Mr Purcell spoke about his attachment to St. Clare's and the warmth he had enjoyed as part of the St. Clare's family. He thanked those gathered for their support over the years and reminded the children that anything is possible if they reach for the stars. Finally, the assembly concluded, most appropriately, with a song and dance to 'Reach for the Stars', which was led by the children but by the end, everyone was on their feet! On behalf of all at St. Clare's, both past and present, thank you so much Mr Purcell; you have been wonderful. We wish you every success as you embark on your next adventure. God bless.

    Mr Purcell's Leaving Mass - Thursday 17th December 2015

    As the Autumn term came to a close, children, parents, staff and members of the parish joined together to celebrate Mass. Since this was our last Mass with our head teacher, Mr Purcell, we were pleased to be joined by other head teachers from nearby schools, who had responded to invitations written by our Year 6 pupils. In addition, it was lovely to see a group of our ex pupils from Corpus Christi Catholic High School and Fr. Lakeland, who was the parish priest at St. Clare's when Mr Purcell was appointed in 2001. Furthermore, many former members of staff and parents whose children have left our school many years ago came back to celebrate this special Mass.The children had written their own bidding prayers and one child from each class, including our new reception, read out their prayer of intercession. Some of these prayers remembered those in need, both in our community and within the wider world, during this season of Advent. Other prayers gave thanks for Mr Purcell, who is leaving our school at Christmas. The children asked that he receives God's blessing and guidance. We also prayed for our school community as we say a heartfelt farewell but look forward to new beginnings. After Mass, the congregation met in the school hall and people took the opportunity to express their gratitude to Mr Purcell and bestow their good wishes over tea and cakes. Miss Metcalf presented Mr Purcell with a gift on behalf of St. Clare's governing body.

    Interschool Advent Service - Tuesday 1st December 2015

    A big thank you to the twelve children in Year 6 who gave up their time on Tuesday evening to take part in the Advent Service at Saint Gregory’s Church, together with other pupils from local schools. Our children were a credit to Saint Clare’s.

    Key Stage Two Advent Service - Monday 30th November 2015

    Thank you to all children in Key Stage two who led our service on Monday evening, to mark the beginning of the season of Advent. Through scripture readings, music, acting, sign language and prayer, the children reminded us that this is a season for repentance, expectation and preparation.

    Indoor City Olympics - Thursday 26th November 2015

    On Thursday 26th November, 25 Year 5 and Year 6 children represented St Clare's in the City Olympics at the Guild Hall in Preston. They took part in track and field events throughout the day. They were all incredibly sporting; cheered each other on and were a credit to our school.

    Bob Alexander Triathlon - Thursday 5th November 2015

    Six of our Year 6 pupils took part in the Bob Alexander Triathlon on 5th November at Fulwood Leisure Centre. Harry, Emma, Tom, Ben, Anna and Poppy swam, ran and took part in a series of gym tests. They all gave 100% effort and were a credit to St. Clare's. Our team came 9th out of a total of 17 schools. Well done! Thanks also goes to Mrs. Noonan.


    The Governors of St. Clare's are pleased to announce the appointment of our new head teacher with effect from January 2016. Mrs. Anne Charnley, who is currently the head teacher at St. Mary's and St. Andrew's in Barton, will be taking over after Christmas, as Mr. Purcell moves onto an advisory position. Mrs. Charnley was happy to share a little about herself.. "I have had twenty-two happy years working in Catholic Education, from inner-city Liverpool to rural Lancashire. I am passionate about learning and teaching, loving the spontaneity, creativity and inquisitiveness of young learners. I strive to promote engaging and inspirational learning opportunities that encourage independent skills and foster a love of learning." The Governors and staff at St. Clare's welcome Mrs. Charnley wholeheartedly and look forward to working closely to ensure our school continues to enjoy academic success within a community underpinned by Gospel values.

    Welcome Mass - Thursday 10th September 2015

    Children, staff and parishioners came together this morning to celebrate and pray together for the new school year. The first reading was taken from the letter of St Paul to The Colossians, with verse 13 stating, 'Bear with one another; forgive each other as soon as a quarrel begins. The Lord has forgiven you; now you must do the same.' Fr. Carden emphasised this verse to the children and encouraged them to do just this. The children thought carefully about what this meant for them and believed this was something they could all aspire to. It was a heart warming beginning to our new academic year together at St. Clare's. Many thanks also to Mr. Donlan for playing the organ so well for us.

    End of Year Mass - Wednesday 22nd July 2015

    The theme of today's Mass was Thanksgiving. Father Loughran asked the children to cast their minds back to September's Welcome Mass when they had simply been asked to 'Do their best'. Fr. Loughran asked the congregation to think of all those people, both at school and at home, who have helped them to achieve their best this year and give thanks for them. The Mass was also an opportunity for the community to give thanks for our Year 6 pupils, who are leaving our school and moving on to their high schools. The Year 6 children helped lead the liturgy. Staff, parents, pupils and members of the parish prayed that they would settle quickly into their new schools, enjoy success and stay close to God as they embark on new adventures.

    Year 6's Performance of Aladdin - Tuesday 21st July 2015

    The audience certainly got all they could wish for in Class 8's performance of Aladdin! This traditional Middle Eastern folk tale, from the Book of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, was brought to life with passion, energy and humour. The acting by the Year 6 children was wonderful and quite possibly the best in recent years. They were truly challenged by the demands of their characters and the number of lines which needed to be learnt! The pupils really did throw themselves into their parts and were able to make the characters their own. The overall performance was further enhanced by dazzling costumes, dramatic make up, energetic dancing and of course ingenious sound tracks. Thank you cast and crew (Mr McKeown!!) Photos to follow on Class 8's page..

    Year 4 's Woodwind Concert - Monday 20th July 2015

    Class 6 enjoyed playing on their clarinets, flutes, saxophones, glockenspiels and keyboards this morning as they performed a selection of favourite songs. From Abba's Mamma Mia to Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, the repertoire included something for all tastes!! The solos and duets were especially impressive, with Offenbach's Can Can being a particular hit with the children themselves. Many thanks to Mrs. Lamb for making our music lessons such fun! (See Class 6's page for more photos)

    The BIG Ride - Sunday 19th July 2015

    The Big Ride! On Sunday 19th July, over 100 people turned up to cycle in our annual ‘Big Ride’ for Hodovo. As ever, this event again brought together our church and school community in a morning of fun and laughter, as it was well supported by both. The weather kindly allowed the sun to shine through the cool summer breeze as the wheels kept turning. A grand total of 1734 laps were cycled (approx. 583 miles) and already £300 pounds has been donated. Sincere thanks for your kindness. (E. Cywinski) See more photos on our 'Hodovo' page

    Years 5 & 6 Sleepover for Hodovo - Friday 3rd July 2015

    Our 6th Sleepover for Hodovo on Friday 3rd July was again a truly magnificent success. Sixty-three Year 5 and 6 children and some school staff came to spend the night in school to raise money for the children of the Hodovo settlement. Appropriately, the evening started in church, where Father Loughran led parishioners, staff and pupils, in prayer and singing while we remembered the purpose of our efforts to help our friends in Hodovo. Many hours of fun-filled activities followed well into the night-and the morning! Outdoor games, outdoor painting, indoor games, quiz, movie and pizza time were all part of a great event. The total amount raised was £630. (Written by Eileen Cywinski)

    St. Clare's Cricket Team 2015 Champions!!!

    A HUGE congratulations to our Year 6 cricket team who are the Preston Schools' Cricket League Champions, Division 2, 2015!! The boys have set an unprecedented record in terms of our school's cricketing and we are immensely proud of them. They were presented with their trophy this morning, with thanks also due to Mr McKeown.

    Summer Fair - Friday 26th June 2015

    Oh what a night! St Clare's Parish, School and P.T.F.A. joined forces on Friday evening to raise money and to share a summer's evening together! With donkey rides, bouncy castles and ice cream vans, one child exclaimed it was more like being at the seaside than on our school field!! A huge thank you to all those whose hard work made the fair such fun and of course to those who supported the event with their presence. The total raised amounted to £2,345.18; many thanks for your generosity. (See more photos on our PTFA page)

    Sports' Day - Tuesday 23rd June 2015

    The sun certainly didn't disappoint us this afternoon and neither did the children's energy, determination and enthusiasm! From the challenge of the basket ball shoot out to the troublesome sack race, the children tackled each activity in high spirits and with clear enjoyment. Their support of one another was a credit to them. Congratulations to the Rigby House who just pipped Plessington House to the post in the much awaited whole school relay. Better start training for next year.......

    Preston Schools' Music Festival - Tuesday 16th June 2015

    The Guild was alive with the sound of ‘Music, Music, Music’ on Tuesday 16th June when our Music Festival choir, after months of preparation, took to the stage to sing no less than twenty-nine songs in the 69th Preston Schools’ Musical Festival. The forty-five children, all from Key Stage 2, were absolutely wonderful; we congratulate them on their first-class performance and excellent behaviour.

    Procession of the Blessed Sacrament - Friday 12th June 2015

    On Friday afternoon, pupils, parents, staff and parishioners gathered in the school hall before the Blessed Sacrament. Fr. Loughran led those assembled in worship and a reading was shared, before processing over to church with the Blessed Sacrament. In Church, the congregation united in song and prayer, as a child representing each class carried a candle to the altar. The candles were then placed besides the most holy Blessed Sacrament.

    May Procession - Friday 1st May 2015

    This afternoon children, staff, parents and parishioners processed from school over to church to honour Our Lady. The sun shone pleasantly and the scent of the children's flowers filled the air, as the hymns to Mary, Our Mother, were sung. In church, the children laid flowers around Mary's statue and a delicate crown of flowers was placed on her head. The congregation prayed to Our Lady and asked for her intercession. All present were then blessed during Benediction. Many thanks to Mrs Manasse for leading the hymns and to all our parents who sent such beautiful flowers into school. The flowers are to be delivered to people in the parish. Thank you.

    St. Clare's Staff visit Cenacolo, in the year they celebrate 10 years of Cenacolo UK at Dodding Green


    St Clare's staff visit Cenacolo, near Kendal - Tuesday 14th April 2015

    Today, as our pupils enjoyed their last day of the Easter holidays, the staff were warmly welcomed at Cenacolo, near Kendal. Community Cenacolo is an organisation founded in 1983 by Sister Elvira Petrozzi, who had a strong desire to reach out to young people who had taken the wrong path in life. Today Cenacolo is a place of hope for young people wishing to overcome addictions within a structured and supportive community based on Catholic beliefs. The day began with an overview from Fr. Loughran who explained that life at Cenacolo enables the young men to develop true, honest friendships between themselves, supports their growing relationship with God and expects the brothers to work hard on individual tasks and group projects. Fr. Loughran then showed staff around the centre. Afterwards teachers listened to testimonies from two of the brothers who spoke with sincerity and courage about their own personal journeys. Both men described the circumstances that led to them needing help desperately and how life at Cenacolo has allowed them to experience a sense of self-worth and acceptance once again. Later, Fr. Gribben spoke to staff about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and facilitating participation, and not merely activity, in the Mass. At the end of the afternoon, Fr. Loughran said Holy Mass, giving staff the opportunity to pray together and ask for God's blessing.

    The Passion - Wednesday 1st April

    This evening, in church, our Year 6 pupils re-enacted Jesus Christ's Passion. The children told the story from Jesus' welcome into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, through to the Passover celebration at the Last Supper, onto Jesus' arrest and trial and culminated in His suffering and crucifixion. Their acting and narration reminded us of the harrowing events of Holy Week which Jesus endured to fulfil His Father's plan and redeem the world from sin. The pupils provided an opportunity for reflection, prayer and sincere gratitude for Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for us. (Class 8's page shows further pictures from The Passion).

    Bishop's Fund Day - Tuesday 31st March

    Today school held its annual Lenten fund raising afternoon to support our friends in Hodovo. Key Stage Two children relished the responsibility of planning and running stalls in aid of this good cause. The stalls and games were many and varied and included: whack-a mole, badge making, face and nail painting, cake stalls and cake decorating, milkshakes, guess the name of the teddy or how many sweets in the jar and Easter colouring competitions. Our younger children, in Key Stage One, enjoyed visiting the stalls and all had plenty of practise at counting money and giving change! The event was also very well supported by the children's parents, grandparents and friends. Many thanks for supporting our children's efforts and helping this worthy cause. The total amount raised is to follow....

    World War 1 Drama Workshop - Tuesday 10th March 2015

    Key Stage Two children took part in an inspirational drama workshop funded by Heritage National Lottery. Mr Fraser, from CREW, transported pupils back to 1914 and the outbreak of the First World War using music and drama. The children's acting highlighted the bravery and sacrifices made by those in the armed forces and the daily hardships faced by those left back home. As the drama unfolded, the children were captivated by the personal stories and events of the Great War. Some children acted out the legendary football match between the English and German soldiers, that took place during a temporary armistice on Christmas day of 1915. The pupils played their roles with enthusiasm and imagination and found the workshop very engaging and informative. See our 'Classes' page for further photos.

    Safer Internet Day (SID) - Tuesday 10th February 2015

    Today St Clare's joined with other schools across the country to mark national Safer Internet Day. The day aims to increase the children's awareness of both the benefits and the potential dangers of being online. The children attended a special assembly as an introduction to the themes of the day. The children learnt about the importance of keeping personal details private, keeping passwords to themselves, not meeting anyone they befriend online without their parents, not sending any pictures or messages that might cause upset and finally to talk to adults they trust if they feel worried or upset by something they've seen online. They children enjoyed the day and feel better equipped to use the Internet safely. See our 'Classes Page' for more details.

    Year 6's residential visit to Whitehough - 9th February 2015

    Class 8 have arrived at Whitehough Outdoor Education Centre, near the village of Barley, in East Lancashire. After settling into their rooms, the children were challenged by some outdoor teambuilding exercises and problem solving tasks. After a hearty evening meal, the pupils had time to write in their 'Whitehough Diaries'. In the evening some children took part in indoor caving whilst others enjoyed team games. Anyone would think the staff are trying to tire you out Year 6! We wish you a fabulous week and look forward to hearing more news soon.

    Merci et bon chance, Madame Rabbitts!


    Au revoir et merci beaucoup Madame Rabbitts - 18th Deccember 2014

    Yesterday, the children, staff and parents said goodbye and a huge thank you to one of their teachers, Mrs. Rabbitts. In a special assembly, Mrs. Rabbitts was presented with gifts and cards made by each of the classes. Mr Jacques, our Vice-Chair of Governors, also praised and thanked Mrs. Rabbitts for all she has given to the school. Mrs. Rabbitts concluded the assembly with an extract from a poem entitled 'Betsy Lee', by Thomas Edward Brown, about the wonder of childhood and how quickly it passes. Mrs. Rabbitts has worked at St. Clare's for 21 years; school will miss her and her many skills and talents, which our children have been fortunate to benefit from. As this chapter closes, an enormous thank you, Mrs. Rabbitts, and we wish you every happiness and success as you embark on new, exciting adventures. Bon Chance!

    Christmas Nativity Play - 10th December 2014

    Our Key Stage One and Reception Class children were wonderful in their modern interpretation of the Nativity. 'Manger Mouse' tells the story of a mouse who is lucky enough to witness the arrival of baby Jesus. With exuberant acting and singing, colourful costumes and sheer joy, the play really was a delight to watch. (See our 'Classes' page for reviews written by some of our Year 6 children and photographs.)

    Christmas Fair - 7th December 2014

    Our school and parish Christmas fair was great fun once again! With donkey rides, birds of prey, face painting, bottle tombola, cakes, hot beverages, Christmas gifts and decorations, raffles, plate decorating and much more, there really was something for everyone. Not forgetting the chance to meet Father Christmas himself and give him any last minute requests! The fair was well supported, as usual, and we would like to thank the PTFA and members of the parish for organising the event so well. The final amount raised totalled ...£1865.53...Thank you! (See our PTFA page for more photos.)

    Advent Service - 1st December 2014

    Yesterday evening, the children in Key Stage Two led a service in church, to mark the beginning of the season of Advent. The initial darkness within church slowly receded as the children brought candles to the altar. Through scripture readings, hymns, acting and prayer, the children reminded us that this is a season for repentance, expectation and preparation. As we wait for the 'Coming of the Light' at Christmas, we have an opportunity to prepare not just our homes, but ourselves, so that we are ready to welcome Him.

    Remembrance Day - 11th November 2014

    As 2014 marks 100 years since Britain entered World War One, Remembrance Day is especially poignant this year. Children in KS2 participated in the National Schools' Assembly, which was broadcast live from the Tower of London yesterday. To further mark this special Centenary, our Student Council decided that every child should make a poppy out of clay as a reminder and keepsake. Today, these poppies were arranged to spell out the word 'REMEMBER' on the playground. The poppies will be on sale from tomorrow for £1.00 each, with all money raised going to Help The Heroes. "WE REMEMBER ALL THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR TODAY FOR OUR TOMORROW."

    Harvest Festival - 10th October 2014

    St. Clare's Church was full of joy this afternoon as the children gathered together in thanksgiving for the harvest. The service was a celebration of God's generosity and a reminder of how much we depend on Him. Classes presented poems, songs, paintings and read prayers, whilst children from the School's Gardening Club donated some home-grown produce. The hymns were sung with great enthusiasm and our thanks go to Mrs. Manasse for her time. The afternoon was also shared with parishioners and parents, who once again have given generously. The food baskets will be gratefully received within our community. Thank you.

    Welcome Mass - 5th September 2014

    Children and staff joined with parishioners to celebrate Mass together, as we commence the new school year. Fr. Loughran welcomed the children back to school and reminded them never to feel apprehensive of new experiences as God's love is always there. He explained how we are called upon to do our very best and how our thoughtful, selfless behaviour can encourage others to do the same. We are excited about the new opportunities ahead this year and ask God to support and guide each one of us.

    Leavers' Assembly - 22nd July 2014

    This morning, Class 8 walked into a crowded hall to thunderous applause. This special assembly was held to remember times shared, celebrate wondrous achievements and pray for support and guidance, as they embark on exciting, new adventures. The children were awarded certificates from Whitehough Outdoor Education Centre for their caving, climbing and orienteering successes back in February. Mr. Purcell also presented the Record of Achievement folders to each Year 6 pupil as he wished them well. The photos of the Leavers' assembly appear on Class 8's page. Goodbye and good luck, Class 8!

    End of Year Leavers' Mass - 21st July 2014

    We find ourselves at the end of the academic year as we say goodbye to the children in Class 8. The staff and pupils gathered in church yesterday, together with members of their families and of the Parish, for the end of year Mass. The Mass was led by the Year 6 pupils, who gave thanks for their time at St Clare's. We ask God to watch over these children and guide them as they face the new challenges ahead. Following Mass, the congregation processed to our new shrine to Our Lady. The statue was inaugurated and blessed by Fr. Loughran. You can see pictures on our 'Mission Statement' page.

    Class 6's Woodwind Performance - 18th July 2014

    To celebrate Class 6's achievements on their flutes, clarinets, saxophones and keyboards, they performed to families and friends this morning. The audience were treated to several favourites, including 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Twist and Shout' by the Beatles. The children have worked extremely hard over the year, from learning how to assemble their instrument to performing so impressively, with such passion and determination, as they did today. Bravo!! Our thanks also go to Mrs Lamb. See photos on Class 6's page.

    Year 6 Leavers' Play - 17th July 2014

    Congratulations to Class 8 on their fabulous performance of Jack and the Beanstalk! Year 6 excelled themselves in their modern take of this traditional tale. The actors threw themselves enthusiastically into their characters and with the exuberant dancing and light-hearted humour, it really was wonderful to watch! Brilliant, Class 8! See photos on Class 8's page!!!

    The BIG ride for Hodovo - 12th July 2014

    Once again we've been fortunate with lovely weather for our annual sponsored cycle for Hodovo. Children accompanied by families, friends and staff cycled together round Cottam Sports Arena's cycle track. A huge thank you to those with younger legs who raced round the circuit and of course to those of us who had forgotten the joy of cycling on a summer's day! See our 'Hodovo' page for photos and in due course, the number of laps completed and amount raised.

    Team Challenge Day - 11th July 2014

    Our School Council's ideas came to life today as children worked in their House Teams to complete a set of challenges. The day began with an assembly, where the Houses were greeted by a 'virtual' Mr McKeown and given details of their mission: build an outdoor shelter, solve a treasure hunt, compose and perform a team rap and produce a Pop Art portrait. The day has been enormous fun and the children have succeeded together by sharing skills, knowledge and ideas. Well done teams...mission complete!

    Summer Fair - 27th June 2014

    This year's Summer Fair was a great success despite the weather! Although the races were unable to go ahead, the evening was good fun and nobody got as soaked as Mr McKeown!!! The total amount raised was £2307.18. Many thanks to all those who supported the event.

    Sports' Day - 24th June 2014

    Congratulations to the Green House who were the overall winners of Sports' Day this year. Well done to all the children who took part; your enthusiasm and team spirit made it an enjoyable afternoon. See more photos on our 'Classes' page (Thanks to photographer, Roy Payne)